Akron Volunteer Fire Company

The Akron Volunteer Fire Company was organized in 1893 when a meeting of residents was held in the West Akron School. The Company started with twenty-one active male and female firefighters using a hand drawn pumper that cost $829. The equipment was housed in a warehouse belonging to C.W. Zwally, a local businessman. The first firehouse was built on land leased from Jacob Kemper and located between Eighth and Ninth Streets near Main Street. According to the AKRON ITEM, an 1897 paper published in Akron, the firehouse was moved to the corner of Main and Tenth Streets. It was reported that it took two days to move the building. The same year, 1897, the Company was chartered.

In 1901, the land at 29 South Tenth Street was purchased and in 1913, a three story firehouse was built that had a banquet room and stage area. The kitchen was added in 1925. By 1981, this building housed Boy and Girl Scout meeting rooms as well as Borough Council chambers and offices. Over the years , the banquet room was used for activities ranging from Red Cross Membership Drives, to band performances, school graduations, plays, and basketball games.

In 1976, a new fire station had been built at 1229 Main Street, adjacent to the Loyd Roland Park and water works building on land leased from the Borough.

On April 6, 1981, the old fire station on Tenth Street, which now houses Borough offices, Scouts, and the banquet hall and was always referred to as the "fire hall", was set on fire by arsonists. Today it is owned by the United Zion Church and is still used for banquets, etc.

Through the years, starting in 1925 with the purchase of their first motorized piece of equipment, a Hale Pumper, the Company has kept up to date with equipment and services to the community.

The first engine driver was Paul Enck; assistant, Clarence Mellinger.

The Akron Volunteer Fire Company has overcome many financial difficulties in the past by sticking together, sometimes funding things themselves, and with the support of the community, to be an asset to the Borough.

In 1996, the Company continues to operate as a volunteer organization with an active fire fighting crew of fifty young and older members. The Ladies' Auxiliary also is a strong organization, giving vital support to the Fire Company.

 Past Chiefs

2012-   Tim Hoffman
2004-2011 Lyn Beiler
1990-2003 Larry Hawk

 Past Presidents

2019-   Matt Williams
2016-2018 Justin Gehman
2012-2015 Ken Lausch